God save the Queen Machine !

I happen to live few meters away from the big stage when are being held the concerts of the Nykøbing Falster Festuge, the local festival of my town. For an entire week, I heard some loud music the whole day, and I had to shut my windows most of the time. But the last day (August 7), I saw on the program that there would be a Danish tribute band called Queen Machine. Being a huge Queen fan, I couldn’t just stay at home, I had to see for myself. Like a lot of people, I thought « OK, here is one of this cover bands that just imitate famous people… ». For once, my small size was an advantage on the Viking lands, because somebody pushed me to the very front of the stage to allow me to see better. So, here I was, glued to the stage, with my camera, and no expectations at all. But what I saw simply blew me away.

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